Nova Scotia
Royal Gazette Part II

Regulations under the Regulations Act

Halifax, Nova Scotia --- Vol. 20, No. 11 --- May 24, 1996

Table of Contents

(listed alphabetically by Act, giving name and number of regulation)

Chiropractors Act
General Regulations (N.S. Reg. 86/96)

Dairy Commission Act
General Regulations (Schedule 1) - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 87/96)

Highway 104 Western Alignment Act
Highway 104 Western Alignment Regulations (N.S. Reg. 91/96)

Income Tax Act Act
Amendment to clauses 4B(2)(a), (b) & (d) of the Income Tax Act (N.S. Reg. 90/96)

Labour Standards Code
Minimum Wage Order Regulations (General, Logging and Forestry Operations and Road Building and Heavy Construction Industries) (N.S. Reg. 89/96)

Land Surveyors Act
Land Surveyors Regulations (N.S. Reg. 85/96)

Natural Products Act
Chicken Marketing Board Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 88/96)



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