Nova Scotia
Royal Gazette Part II

Regulations under the Regulations Act

Halifax, Nova Scotia --- Vol. 20, No. 10 --- May 10, 1996

Table of Contents

(listed alphabetically by Act, giving name and number of regulation)

Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act
Amendments to regulations respecting the following trades: Boilermaker, Bricklaying, Carpenter, Cooking, Electrical Construction, Farm Equipment Repair, Industrial Electrical, Industrial Instrumentation, Industrial Mechanic (Millwright), Lineman, Machinist, Marine Fitter, Metal Fabricator, Mine Electrician, Mine Mechanic, Motor Vehicle Repair (Body), Motor Vehicle Repair (Bus and Transport), Motor Vehicle Repair (Heavy Duty), Motor Vehicle Repair (Mechanical), Oil Burner and Maintenance Mechanic, Painting and Decorating, Plumbing, Restoration Stone Mason, Roofer, Sheet Metal, Sprinkler-Fitter, Steamfitting, Welding (N.S. Reg. 75/96)

Dairy Commission Act
General Regulations (Schedule 1) - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 73/96)

Hospitals Act
Hospitals Act Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 81/96)

Interprovincial Subpoena Act
Designation of the Westray Mine Explosion Inquiry Commission as a Court (N.S. Reg. 79/96)
Proclamation, S. 11, 1996, c. 1 (N.S. Reg. 78/96)
Witness Fees and Travelling Expenses Regulations (N.S. Reg. 80/96)

Medical Professional Corporations Act
Proclamation, S. 18, 1995-96, c. 11 (N.S. Reg. 77/96)

Municipal Affairs Act and Regulations Act
Dispensation from publication of amendments to Manual of Financial Accounting and Reporting Practices (N.S. Reg. 82/96)

Psychologists Act
General Regulations - Amendments (N.S. Reg. 76/96)

Utility and Review Board Act
Revenue Act Appeal Rules (N.S. Reg. 74/96)

Workers' Compensation Act
Proclamation, S. 277, 1994-95, c. 10, S. 236(1) (N.S. Reg. 83/96)
Workers' Compensation Appeal Backlog Regulations (N.S. Reg. 84/96)



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