The Royal Gazette Part I - Annual Index
2002 - Volume 211

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2001-622 Amend Order in Council 2001-449 2
2001-623 Amned Order in Council 94-118 2
2002-4 Pursuant to the Public Highways Act re Highway 104 139
2002-65 Appointment of Dr. Kevin Hafez as a medical examiner 648
2002-70 Appointments of part-time presiding justice of the peace 648
2002-112 Appoint Chantal Desrochers, CSR as Deputy Issuer of Marriage Licenses 1047
2002-176 Appointment of Dr. John Fitz-clarke as a Medical Examiner 1414
2002-198 Appointments of part-time presiding justices of the peace 1571
2002-233 Appointments of Deputy Issuers of Marriage Licenses (name list) 1666
2002-271 Revoke appointment of Michael Tennant as a Commissioner


2002-281 Appointment of Bobbie-Jean MacDonald as Deputy Issuer of Marriage Licenses 2127
2002-321 Appointment of Johanna Graham as Deputy Issuer of Marriage Licenses 2421
2002-353 Revoke appointment of Jo-Anne K. Sheehan as a Commissioner 2861
2002-371 Revoke appointment of Marie Denise Francine Luca as a Commissioner 3055
2002-422 Revoke appointments of Rick E. LeBlanc and Karen B. Burke as Commissioners 3444
2002-459 Revoke appointment of Catherine Huddleston as a Commissioner 3729
2002-471 Revoke appointment of Marilyn Eisnor as a Commissioner 3855
2002-476 Revoke appointment of Dawn Rose as a Commissioner 3956
2002-502 Revoke appointment of Krista Willison as a Commissioner 4279
2002-529 Appointment of Dr. Joanne Murphy as Deputy Chief Medical Examiner 4581
2002-575 Appointment of Dr. Donald Westby as a Medical Examiner 4881

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