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Scatarie Island Wildlife Management Area Designation and Regulations

made under Section 113 of the
Wildlife Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 504
O.I.C. 76-1151 (October 5, 1976, effective October 1, 1976), N.S. Reg. 86/76

The Governor in Council on the report and recommendation of the Minister of Lands and Forests dated the 30th day of September, A. D., 1976, pursuant to subsection (6), clause (a) of Section 161 of Chapter 163 of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1967, the Lands and Forests Act, is pleased to

(a) declare that the area described in Schedule "A" and shown outlined in red on Schedule "B", both attached to and forming part of the report and recommendation, to be a Wildlife Management Area to be known as the Scatarie Island Wildlife Management Area;

(b) make regulations in the form set out in Schedule "C" attached to and forming part of the report and recommendation, for the control of the Wildlife Management Area and the management of the wildlife therein.

Schedule "A"
Description of Scatarie Island Wildlife Management Area

Beginning at a point south of Scatarie Island, County of Cape Breton, Province of Nova Scotia, said point being on a true bearing of South and a distance of one statute mile of 5280 feet from the point of intersection of the ordinary high water mark on the south shore of Scatarie Island and the eastern boundary line of Grant No. 21726 to the Government of the Dominion of Canada, said point of intersection being the south east corner of said Grant 21726;

Thence from said place of beginning Westerly, Northwesterly, Northerly, Northeasterly, Southerly, Southwesterly and Westerly until it comes to the place of beginning, being at all points a distance of one mile seaward from the nearest point of the ordinary high water mark on the shore of Scatarie Island, including Scatarie Island and the water, protruding rocks, and islands up to one statute mile distant seaward from the ordinary high water mark of said Scatarie Island. The area designated as Scatarie Island Wildlife Management Area is shown enclosed by a red line on the annexed plan.

Schedule "B"

[Note: The map contained in Schedule "B" is not available in this format. Contact the Registry of Regulations for more information or to obtain a copy.]

Schedule "C"
Regulations made pursuant to Section 113 of the Wildlife Act
Respecting the Control and Management of the
Scatarie Island Wildlife Management Area

1 In these regulations,

(a) "Act" means the Wildlife Act;

(b) "firearm" means any bow or barrelled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other missile that is capable of causing serious injury or death can be discharged and includes anything that can readily be adapted for use as a firearm;

(c) notwithstanding clause (e) of Section 84 of the Act, "furbearer" includes beaver, muskrat, mink, otter, lynx, bobcat, fox, raccoon, weasel, fisher, marten, cougar, red squirrel, skunk, any animal valuable for its fur, except bear and snowshoe hare, and any other animal which may be designated as a furbearer by the Governor in Council and includes the pelt of such animal;

(d) "Management Area" means the Scatarie Island Wildlife Management Area;

(e) "migratory game birds" means those species of birds defined as migratory game birds in the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 (Canada).

2 Except as provided in these regulations, no person shall

(a) kill, take, hunt or pursue or attempt to kill or take any wild mammal or bird; or

(b) have in his possession any firearm, trap, snare, or poison or any wild mammal or bird or the carcass or any part of any wild mammal or bird within the limits of the Management Area.

3 No person shall hunt, take or kill any ptarmigan, arctic hare, furbearer or upland game species within the Management Area at any time.

4 Subject to the Big Game Regulations [Deer Hunting Regulations and Bear Hunting Regulations] made under the authority of the Act, any person may hunt, take or kill deer within the Management Area.
[Note: the Deer Hunting Regulations, N.S. Reg. 59/88, and the Bear Hunting Regulations, N.S. Reg. 60/88, replace the Big Game and Small Game Licenses Regulations, N.S. Reg. 140/75.]

5 Subject to the regulations made under the authority of the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 (Canada), any person may hunt, take or kill migratory birds.

6 No person shall, within the Management Area, destroy, disturb or molest in any way the habitat or nesting sites of any ptarmigan, arctic hare, furbearers or upland game species found therein.

7 No permit is required to enter or be within the Management Area.

8 Any person convicted of [a violation of] any of the provisions of these regulations shall incur a penalty of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars.

9 These regulations shall come into force on the 1st day of October, 1976.