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Manganese Mines Wildlife Management Area Designation and Regulations

made under Section 113 of the
Wildlife Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 504
O.I.C. 73-980 (September 18, 1973), N.S. Reg. 126/73

The Governor in Council on the report and recommendation of the Minister of Lands and Forests dated the 28th day of August, A.D., 1973, pursuant to Section 161(6)(a) of Chapter 163 of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1967, the Lands and Forests Act, is pleased to approve of the request of the Department of Lands and Forests and Scott Paper Company and to order that an area of land leased to the Atlantic Institute of Education by Scott Paper Company and owned in reversion by the said Scott Paper Company containing 556 acres, more or less, and described in Schedule "A" and shown outlined in red on the Plan of Survey marked Schedule "B", be declared a Wildlife Management Area, subject to the regulations set out in Schedule "C", said Schedules "A", "B" and "C" attached to and forming part of the report and recommendation, and the said Wildlife Management Area be posted with signs reading as follows:

"Wildlife Management Area"

"This area is for the purpose of field nature studies by the Nova Scotia Teacherís College. Hunting is restricted for the safety of children and to enhance population of wildlife. The Lands and Forests Act makes it an offence to hunt, carry firearms or enter this area without supervision and subject to prosecution. Your co-operation in this respect is appreciated."

Schedule "A"

All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being at Manganese Mines, in the County of Colchester, Province of Nova Scotia and being more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at a survey monument marked No. B286 located on or near the northern bank of the Salmon River at the southeastern angle of lands now or formerly appearing to belong to Banford Hoare;

Thence by magnetic bearings as in the years 1966 and 1973, north seven degrees forty-three minutes east, forty-six chains ninety-two links to S.M. No. B285;

Thence north eighty-one degrees forty-nine minutes west twenty-three chains twenty-five links to S.M. B284"A";

Thence north four degrees twenty-seven minutes east twenty-nine chains sixty-four links to S.M. No. B284 standing on the southern side of a road;

Thence north fifty-five degrees fifty-five minutes east one chain twenty-nine links to S.M. No. B283 on the northern side of said road;

Thence north seven degrees fifty minutes east eleven chains sixty-two links to S.M. No. B282;

Thence north eighty-two degrees thirty-three minutes west twenty-one chains forty-five links to S.M. No. B281;

Thence north seven degrees forty-five minutes east thirty chains to a point;

Thence south eighty-five degrees twenty-two minutes east forty-three chains eighty-four links to a point;

Thence south five degrees forty minutes west, twenty-three chains eighty-eight links to S.M. No. B269;

Thence south eighty-five degrees twenty-two minutes east thirty chains to a point;

Thence south seven degrees forty-five minutes west ninety-eight chains sixty-one links to a point on the northern bank of Salmon River first herein mentioned;

Thence westerly along the northern bank of the said Salmon River to the place of beginning contained 556 acres more or less agreeable to a Plan of Survey made and signed by Roddie J. MacDonald, Nova Scotia Land Surveyor.

Schedule "B"

[Note: The map contained in Schedule "B" is not available in this format. Contact the Registry of Regulations for more information or to obtain a copy.]

Schedule "C"

1 In these regulations

(a) "Act" means the Wildlife Act ;

(b) "Wildlife Management Area" means any area of the Province declared to be a Wildlife Management Area, pursuant to the Act.

2 Except as provided in these regulations, no person shall

(a) kill, take, hunt or pursue or attempt to kill or take any wild animal or bird; or

(b) have in his possession any firearm, trap, snare or poison or any wild animal or bird within the limits of a Wildlife Management Area.

3 Anyone may carry a firearm, which has been sealed by a warden, within a Wildlife Management Area.

4 The Minister may by written authorization permit any person to enter a Wildlife Management Area at any time, except Sunday, to kill, take, hunt or capture any wild animal or bird.

5 The Minister may specify the terms and conditions upon which any permit is issued.

6 Where the Minister proposes to permit limited hunting or trapping within a Wildlife Management Area, he shall give public notice thereof in at least one edition of a newspaper having general circulation in the Province.

7 The Minister shall not authorize more than one hundred persons to enter a Wildlife Management Area on any one day for the purpose of hunting or trapping.

8 Every person except a warden or employee of the Department of Natural Resources, requesting authorization from the Minister to hunt in a Wildlife Management Area, shall

(a) apply for a permit at and enter a Wildlife Management Area through a check station established for that purpose by the Minister or his agent;

(b) possess any other license or permit that may be required by the Act or regulations;

(c) obtain and wear an identification marker issued by the Minister or his agent.

[9] Every person authorized by the Minister to enter a Wildlife Management Area during a limited hunting or trapping period shall

(a) follow all instructions issued by the Minister or his agent with respect to hunting within the Wildlife Management Area;

(b) subject to these regulations, comply with the provisions of the Act and regulations;

(c) file a report as required by the Minister or his agent;

(d) turn over to an agent of the Minister any part of the carcass of any wild animal or bird killed or taken within the Wildlife Management Area as required by such agent.

10 (1) No person authorized to hunt within a Wildlife Management Area shall kill or take any wild animal or bird except in accordance with the written authorization referred to in Regulation [Section] 4 hereof.

(2) Any bag limit specified by the Act or any regulation shall include any animal or bird taken pursuant to a permit issued by the Minister under these regulations.

11 No person shall allow any dog to run loose within the limits of a Wildlife Management Area.

12 (1) Except as otherwise provided in these regulations, no person shall enter a Wildlife Management Area without first having obtained a written permit from a warden.

(2) Any permit required by these regulations shall be carried by the holder thereof when in a Wildlife Management Area and be produced when requested by a warden.

(3) This regulation shall not apply to the owner of any lands within the limits of the Wildlife Management Area or to his employees.

13 The Governor in Council may appoint one or more persons to be warden of a Wildlife Management Area.