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Louisburg National Park Game Sanctuary Designation and Regulations

made under Section 113 of the
Wildlife Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 504
O.I.C. 69-713 (July 15, 1969), N.S. Reg. 36/69

The Governor in Council on the report and recommendation of the Minister of Lands and Forests dated the 9th day of July, A.D., 1969, pursuant to Section 161(1) of the Lands and Forests Act, Chapter 163 of the Revised Statutes, 1967, is pleased to declare those lands expropriated under the signature of E.D. Haliburton, Minister of Lands and Forests, for the purpose of Louisburg National Park, to be a game sanctuary to be known as Louisburg National Park Game Sanctuary, and to make the following regulations:

1 It shall be unlawful to hunt, take or kill, or attempt to hunt, take or kill, any game in that part of the Province of Nova Scotia known as Louisburg National Park Game Sanctuary.

2 No person shall at any time hunt, take, injure, trap, snare, shoot, wound, kill or destroy any game animal, fur-bearing animal or other wild animal, or any game bird or other wild bird within the limits of the said game sanctuary.

3 No person shall at any time within the limits of the said game sanctuary have in his possession any gun or other firearm or any silencer, trap, snare or poison, or any animal or bird mentioned in the preceding regulation whether such animal or bird is dead or alive, or any part of such animal or bird.

4 No person shall allow any dog to run loose within the limits of the said game sanctuary.

5 The Minister of Natural Resources may appoint one or more persons to be wardens of said game sanctuary upon such terms and conditions as he shall set out for such appointment.

6 These regulations shall not apply to Her Majesty the Queen in the right of Canada, Her servants and agents.