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White Lake Wilderness Area Designation

made under Section 11 of the

Wilderness Areas Protection Act

S.N.S. 1998, c. 27

O.I.C. 2004-411 (October 28, 2004), N.S. Reg. 93/2005

O.I.C. 2015-383 (December 29, 2015), N.S. Reg. 383/2015

O.I.C. 2004-411

The Governor in Council on the report and recommendation of the Minister of Environment and Labour dated September 28, 2004, pursuant to Section 11 of Chapter 27 of the Acts of 1998, the Wilderness Areas Protection Act, is pleased to approve the addition of the following nine parcels of land to existing Wilderness Areas, as set out below:


                (d)    Wildcat Lake (PID 00594614) as referenced in Order in Council 97-465 dated July 15, 1997, to be added to White Lake Wilderness Area;

[Clauses (a) to (c) and clauses (e) to (i) of the Order in Council refer to additions to other wilderness areas, which have been consolidated separately.]

Order approved by O.I.C. 2015-383

I, Randy Delorey, Minister of Environment for the Province of Nova Scotia, pursuant to clause 11(3)(b) of Chapter 27 of the Acts of 1998, the Wilderness Areas Protection Act, hereby designate an area of Crown land at Musquodoboit River, Halifax County, with approximate boundaries as shown on the map attached as Appendix A, as an addition to White Lake Wilderness Area, originally designated in item 30 of Schedule A to the Act.

The actual boundaries of the designated additional area shall be as described and shown on a description and plan signed by the Director of Surveys and deposited in the Provincial Crown Land Information Management Centre, formerly known as the Provincial Crown Lands Record Centre, the signed description and plan forming part of this designation.

This designation of additional land is effective on and after the later of the date it is approved by the Governor in Council and the date the signed boundary description and plan are deposited in the Provincial Crown Land Information Management Centre in accordance with subsection 11(3) of the Act.

Dated and made at Halifax Regional Municipality, Province of Nova Scotia, November 25, 2015.


sgd: Randy Delorey

Honourable Randy Delorey

Minister of Environment

Appendix A

Approximate Boundaries of Addition to

White Lake Wilderness Area

Approximate boundaries of White Lake Wilderness Area