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Returns of Births, Stillbirths and Deaths that Occur in Hospitals Regulations

made under clause 51(1)(m) of the
Vital Statistics Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 494
Order in Council dated December 10, 1963, N.S. Reg. 43/63

1 The superintendent or other person in charge of a hospital shall, on or before Tuesday of each week, make a return, in duplicate, in the form set out in the Schedule, of all births, stillbirths and deaths that occur[red] in the hospital during the immediately preceding week.

2 The return under Regulation 1 shall be delivered or mailed to the Director of the Health Unit within which the hospital is situated or in the case of a hospital in the City of Halifax to the Commissioner of Health and Welfare of the City.

3 The Director of a Health Unit or the Commissioner of Health and Welfare of the City of Halifax forthwith upon receipt of the return shall transmit the original return to the Deputy Registrar General.

4 (1) Where the return contains details of the birth or stillbirth of an infant of a resident of another health unit or of the death of an infant who is a resident of another health unit, the director of the health unit who receives the return shall forthwith forward details of the occurrence to the director of the other health unit.

(2) For the purposes of this regulation, the City of Halifax is deemed to constitute a health unit and the Commissioner of Health and Welfare of the City is deemed to be a director of the health unit.

[Note:  The schedule of forms to these regulations is not available in electonic format.  For more information about forms and procedures, contact the Vital Statistics Division, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations.]