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University Foundations Regulations

made under subsection 15(1) of the

University Foundations Act

S.N.S. 1991, c. 8

O.I.C. 93-333 (April 6, 1993), N.S. Reg. 63/93


1     In these regulations,


                (a)    “Act” means the University Foundations Act;


                (b)    “foundation” means a foundation established pursuant to the Act;


                (c)    “Minister” means the Minister of Education.

[Note: Effective January 11, 2011, the reference to the Minister of Education should be read as a reference to the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education in accordance with Order in Council 2011-15 under the Public Service Act, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 376.]


2     The following institutions are hereby designated as universities for the purpose of this Act:


                (a)    Acadia University;


                (b)    Atlantic School of Theology;


                (c)    Dalhousie University;


                (d)    Mount Saint Vincent University;


                (e)    Nova Scotia Agricultural College;


                (f)    Nova Scotia College of Art and Design;

Clause 2(g) repealed: O.I.C. 2000-114, N.S. Reg. 49/2000.


                (h)    St. Francis Xavier University;


                (i)     Saint Mary’s University;

Clause 2(j) repealed: O.I.C. 2000-114, N.S. Reg. 49/2000.


                (k)    Université Sainte-Anne;


                (l)     University College of Cape Breton;


                (m)   University of King’s College.


3     (1)    The chair shall preside over all meetings of a foundation.


       (2)    The members of a foundation shall elect a vice-chair.


       (3)    If the chair is absent or unable to act or if the office is vacant, the vice-chair shall exercise and perform all the powers and duties of the chair.


       (4)    A majority of the members of a foundation constitutes a quorum.


4     (1)    A foundation shall meet not less than twice during each fiscal year.


       (2)    Reasonable expenses necessarily incurred by a member of a foundation in connection with the work of the foundation shall be reimbursed at the rates applicable from time to time to members of the public service of the Province.


5     (1)    If a foundation is wound up, assets of the foundation shall


                (a)    firstly, be used to pay the costs of winding up;


                (b)    secondly, be used to pay the liabilities of the foundation;


                (c)    thirdly, with respect to any remaining assets that were gifts, bequests, devises or grants received by a foundation, be transferred to the educational institution for which the foundation was established; and


                (d)    fourthly, be transferred to Her Majesty the Queen in right of the Province.