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Sherbrooke Planning Area Designation and Regulations

made under Sections 3 and 6 of the

Sherbrooke Restoration Commission Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 425

O.I.C. 85-688 (June 25, 1985), N.S. Reg. 103/85


1     In these regulations


                (a)    “area” means the Sherbrooke Planning Area designated by Order in Council [85-688];


                (b)    “Commission” means the Sherbrooke Restoration Commission;


                (c)    “development” means any erection, construction, alteration, addition, replacement, or restoration of or to any land, building or structure and any change of use of land or buildings including the keeping of a trailer when it is not operated on a public street or highway, and the planting, pruning or cutting down of any tree or shrub, the alteration of any landscape features such as walks or driveways;


                (d)    “Minister” means the Minister of Education.

[Note: Effective January 11, 2011, the reference to the Minister of Education should be read as a reference to the Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage in accordance with O.I.C. 2011-15 under the Public Service Act, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 376, which changes the name of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage.]


2     Development within the restoration area shall only be undertaken in accordance with a development program recommended by the Commission and approved by the Minister.

Schedule “A” - Description of Restoration Area

Beginning at a point on the eastern bank of the brook running through the Village of Sherbrooke where the northern boundary of lands of Mrs. H.R. Cameron intersects the said brook shore;

Thence south-easterly and along the said H.R. Cameron boundary to the intersection of Main and Court Streets;

Thence along the centre line of Court Street to the intersection of Court and Third Streets;

Thence along the centre line of Court Street to the intersection of Court and Third Streets;

Thence southerly along Third Street to the termination thereof;

Thence in a straight line southerly to the intersection of the Sonora Road and Back Street;

Thence southerly along the centre line of the Sonora Road, so-called, to a point 250 feet distant from the north-eastern abutment of the bridge over the millrace;

Thence in an easterly direction and parallel with the millrace to the shore of Sherbrooke Lake;


Thence westerly and southerly along the shore of the said lake across the mouth of the millrace and a distance of 250 feet from the mouth of said millrace;


Thence westerly parallel with the millrace across the Sonora Road to St. Mary's River;


Thence northerly and following the several sinuosities of the said river bank to the place of beginning.