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Port Morien French Mine Site Protected Site Designation

made under Section 14 of the

Special Places Protection Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 438

N.S. Reg. 51/2006

       In this designation:


                (a)    “Act” means the Historical Objects Protection Act, S.N.S. 1970, c. 8.


                (b)    “Minister” means the Minister of Education for the Province of Nova Scotia.


                (c)    “Port Morien French Mine Site” means all that piece and parcel of land described in Schedule “A” and attached to this designation.

Whereas it has been brought to the attention of the Minister that the Port Morien French Mine Site is of archaeological, historical or palaeontological significance;

And whereas the Minister has powers of designation under S. 2(1) of the Act;

The Minister hereby designates the Port Morien French Mine Site as a “protected site” under S. 2(1) of the Act, the site being of archaeological, historical or palaeontological significance.

Signed, sealed and delivered       )

in the presence of                        )


Sgd.: Norma Marriott                 )                   Sgd.: George M. Mitchell

as to the signature of the              )                   Honourable George Mitchell

Honourable George Mitchell       )                   Minister of Education

Affidavit of Execution

On this 19th day of November A.D., 1976, before me, the subscriber, personally came and appeared, the subscribing witness to the foregoing Designation, who having been by me duly sworn, made oath and said that the Honourable George Mitchell, Minister of Education, the designating authority signed, sealed and delivered the same in her presence.


Sgd.: Norman N. Graham

Norman Nelson Graham

A Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

Schedule “A”

All that certain lot of land situated, lying and being at Port Morien, in the County of Cape Breton, Province of Nova Scotia, being and intended to be a portion of Lot No. 484 on Sheet 24 of the plans, deposited under Section 10 of the Expropriation Act, Chapter 106 of the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1952, as made applicable by subsection (1) of Section 11 of the Cape Breton Development Corporation Act, in the Registry of Deeds, Sydney, Nova Scotia, and being more particularly bounded and described as follows:

Beginning at a point on the southern boundary of the highway between Port Morien and Schooner Pond, said point being twenty-five feet (25') westerly from the entrance road to the Old French Mine when measured along the aforesaid highway boundary.

Thence following the aforesaid highway boundary northeasterly a distance of four hundred and twenty-two feet (422') to a point;

Thence N 75°30' E (Magnet 1975) a distance of two hundred and sixty feet (260') to a point;

Thence S 69°30' E a distance of eleven hundred and eighty feet (1180'), more or less, to the shore of Morien Bay, said boundary intended to be the northeastern boundary of the aforesaid Lot No. 484.

Thence southerly and westerly following the sinuosities of the said shoreline to a point where a line bearing S 35°45' E from the point of beginning would intersect the said shoreline.

Thence N 35°45' W a distance of eleven hundred and ninety feet (1190'), more or less, to the point of beginning.

The said described land being the eastern portion of an area commonly referred to as the Blockhouse Site.

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