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Appendix "A" - Section 6 Prescribed Percentages

Municipal Assistance Regulations

For the purposes of Section 6, the following percentages are hereby prescribed:

1.City of Dartmouth75
2.City of Halifax75
Line 3 deleted: O.I.C. 95-559, N.S. Reg. 113/95.
4.Town of Amherst 75
5.Town of Annapolis Royal 75
6.Town of Antigonish 75
7.Town of Bedford 75
8.Town of Berwick 75
9.Town of Bridgewater 75
10.Town of Canso 85
11.Town of Clark's Harbour 75
12.Town of Digby 75
Lines 13 and 14 deleted: O.I.C. 95-559, N.S. Reg. 113/95.
15.Town of Hantsport 75
16.Town of Kentville 75
17.Town of Liverpool 75
18.Town of Lockeport 75
19.Town of Lunenburg 75
20.Town of Mahone Bay 75
21.Town of Middleton 75
22.Town of Mulgrave 81
23.Town of New Glasgow 75
Lines 24 and 25 deleted: O.I.C. 95-559, N.S. Reg. 113/95.
26.Town of Parrsboro 76
27.Town of Pictou 75
28.Town of Port Hawkesbury 77
29.Town of Shelburne 75
30.Town of Springhill 75
31.Town of Stellarton 75
32.Town of Stewiacke 75
Line 33 deleted: O.I.C. 95-559, N.S. Reg. 113/95.
34.Town of Trenton 75
35.Town of Truro 75
36.Town of Westville 85
37.Town of Windsor 75
38.Town of Wolfville 75
39.Town of Yarmouth 75
40.Mun. of the County of Annapolis 78
41.Mun. of the County of Antigonish 92
42.Mun. of the District of Argyle 88
43.Mun. of the District of Barrington 85
Line 44 deleted: O.I.C. 95-559, N.S. Reg. 113/95.
45.Mun. of the District of Chester 75
46.Mun. of the District of Clare 88
47.Mun. of the County of Colchester 75
48.Mun. of the County of Cumberland 81
49.Mun. of the District of Digby 82
50.Mun. of the District of Guysborough 91
51.Mun. of the County of Halifax 78
52.Mun. of the District of East Hants 75
53.Mun. of the District of West Hants 80
54.Mun. of the County of Inverness 88
55.Mun. of the County of Kings 75
56.Mun. of the District of Lunenburg 75
57.Mun. of the County of Pictou 81
58.Mun. of the County of Queens 75
59.Mun. of County of Richmond 91
60.Mun. of Dist of Shelburne 84
61.Mun. of the District of St. Mary's 84
62.Mun. of the County of Victoria 75
63.Mun. of the District of Yarmouth 83
64.Cape Breton Regional Municipality 100
65.Town of Bridgetown 75
Item 65 added: O.I.C. 89-649, N.S. Reg. 78/89.

Appendix "A" added: O.I.C. 85-24, N.S. Reg. 16/85.