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Parkway Development Standards Regulations

made under subsection 22(5) of the
Public Highways Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 371
O.I.C. 84-699 (June 19, 1984), N.S. Reg. 123/84

1 The intent of the Parkway Development Standards is to ensure that the development of land within designated parkway areas occurs in an orderly fashion while maintaining and highlighting features of natural beauty.

Permitted uses
2 (1) The following will be permitted uses within designated parkway areas:

(a) detached dwelling units;

(b) agricultural uses;

(c) forestry uses;

(d) mineral exploration activity;

(e) cemeteries;

(f) schools;

(g) public recreational uses and community centre;

(h) public transportation facilities;

(i) an accessory use to any of the above uses.

Performance standards
(2) All development within parkway areas must meet the following performance standards:

(a) minimum lot area - 2 acres;

(b) minimum lot frontage - 400 feet;

(c) minimum building line - 125 feet from highway right-of-way;

(d) minimum side yard - 20 feet for detached dwelling units;

(e) maximum height - 35 feet for detached dwelling units;

(f) minimum setback from waterbodies - 100 feet;

(g) the following are deemed restricted agricultural uses, if such are the main uses:

- storage of animal waste,

- a fur farm,

- a turkey, game bird or chicken farm or hatchery,

- feed lots for cattle, pigs or other livestock,

these restricted agricultural uses shall meet the above performance standards, and, in addition, shall be located not less than five hundred (500) feet from any residential use, park, or community centre;

(h) a buffer of natural and/or improved landscaping will, where possible, be along the highway right-of-way within a parkway area.

3 (1) Existing lots: lots created prior to the adoption of these Parkway Development Standards which have less than the minimum frontage or lot area required by these standards are exempt from the minimum frontage and/or lot area requirements provided all other standards are complied with and the intent of these standards is not compromised.

(2) Existing uses: buildings, structures and uses of land which existed prior to the adoption of these Parkway Development Standards may be altered, added to, replaced or relocated provided the intent of these standards is not compromised and the applicant attempts to meet the performance standards.