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Paramedics Act Definitions Regulations

made under subsection 21(3) of the

Paramedics Act

S.N.S. 2015, c. 33

O.I.C. 2017-89 (March 28, 2017), N.S. Reg. 58/2017


1     These regulations may be cited as the Paramedics Act Definitions Regulations.

Definition for these regulations

2     In these regulations,


“Act” means the Paramedics Act;


Paramedics Regulations” means the Paramedics Regulations made under the Act.

Definitions for Act

3     In the Act,


“active-practising status” in subclause 7(1)(a)(i) of the Act means having a practising licence as defined in the Paramedics Regulations;


“continuing competency program” means a program approved by the Council under Section 36 of the Paramedics Regulations for maintaining and enhancing the continuing competence of paramedics;


“continuing professional development program” has the same meaning as “continuing competency program”;


“Fitness-to-practice Committee” means the Fitness-to-practise Committee appointed in accordance with Section 10 of the Paramedics Regulations;


“paramedic program” means a diploma paramedic program recognized by the Council under Section 35 of the Paramedic Regulations;


“practice of paramedicine” is further defined to include all of the following:


                         (i)     conducting prevention, education and advocacy activities related to the practices and procedures performed by a paramedic,


                         (ii)    developing and evaluating policies and systems related to the practices and procedures performed by a paramedic,


                         (iii)   conducting research and providing education, consultation, management, administration and regulation in relation to the practices and procedures performed by a paramedic;


“registered under the Emergency Health Services Act” in Section 107 of the Act means registered under the Emergency Health Services Act with a practising status;


“solicitor-and-client costs” in Section 90 of the Act includes HST.