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Off-Highway Vehicles Closed Courses Regulations

made under subsection 25(1) of the

Off-highway Vehicles Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 323

O.I.C. 2006-437 (October 17, 2006), N.S. Reg. 193/2006


1     These regulations may be cited as the Off-Highway Vehicles Closed Courses Regulations.


2     In these regulations,


                (a)    “Act” means the Off-highway Vehicles Act;


                (b)    “closed course” means a closed course as defined in the Off-highway Vehicles Safety and Training Regulations made under the Act;


                (c)    Designing and Maintaining Closed Courses in Nova Scotia” means the most recent version of the standards for designing and maintaining closed courses as published by the Government of Nova Scotia;


                (d)    “maintaining” includes developing and operating.

Accrediting organization

3     (1)    The Minister may accredit an organization to design and maintain a closed course and must maintain a list of organizations that are accredited.


       (2)    An organization applying for accreditation must


                (a)    submit an application on a form approved by the Minister together with any additional information the Minister considers necessary; and


                (b)    meet the following requirements:


                         (i)     the organization is a body incorporated and in good standing under the Companies Act or the Societies Act,


                         (ii)    the organization’s proposed closed course is in compliance with Designing and Maintaining Closed Courses in Nova Scotia.

Conditions on accreditation

4     To remain accredited, an organization must


                (a)    remain in good standing under its incorporating statute; and


                (b)    design and maintain its closed courses in accordance with Designing and Maintaining Closed Courses in Nova Scotia.

Revoking accreditation

5     (1)    The Minister may revoke an organization’s accreditation if the organization fails to comply with the Act or these regulations, or for any other reason the Minister considers appropriate.


       (2)    If the Minister revokes an organization’s accreditation, the Minister must


                (a)    immediately inform the organization in writing, sent by registered mail, that the accreditation has been revoked; and


                (b)    remove the name of the organization from the list referred to in subsection 3(1).


       (3)    A person is not entitled to compensation, financial or otherwise, for any losses suffered directly or indirectly because an accreditation is revoked.