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Nova Scotia Egg Producers Levy Order

made under clause 9(1)(hb) of the

Natural Products Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 308

N.S. Reg. 170/2006 (effective July 16, 2006)

as amended to N.S. Reg. 138/2018 (effective August 12, 2018)



1     This Order may be cited as the Nova Scotia Egg Producers Levy Order.


2     In this Order,


                (a)    “Agency” means the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency;


                (b)    “Commodity Board” means the Nova Scotia Egg Producers;


                (c)    “egg” means egg of a hen;


                (d)    “grading station operator” means any person who washes, grades, packs, offers for sale, sells, stores, transports or markets eggs and includes a Commodity Board, when applicable, and includes a producer-vendor;


                (e)    “hen” means a hen of any class of the domestic chicken belonging to the species Gallus domesticus;


                (f)    “Plan” means the Nova Scotia Egg and Pullet Producers Marketing Plan, and amendments thereto;


                (g)    “producer” means any person engaged in the production of eggs in the Province and includes a producer-vendor;


                (h)    “producer-vendor” means a producer who is a grading station operator in respect of all or any portion of eggs produced by that producer.


3     (1)    A levy is imposed on every producer of $0.3185 per dozen of eggs marketed by the producer minus the number of dozens of eggs, if any, marketed by the producer in interprovincial and export trade.


       (2)    The levy imposed by subsection (l) shall, where the eggs are sold or otherwise disposed of


                (a)    to a person who is not a grading station operator, be paid by the producer directly to the Commodity Board; or


                (b)    to a grading station operator, be paid to the grading station operator to whom they are delivered, by the grading station operator deducting the amount of the levy from the monies payable by the grading station operator to the producer for the eggs and the grading station operator shall in turn pay the levies so collected to the Commodity Board.


4     As with previous levies, it is hereby confirmed that the total levy imposed on the producer with respect to eggs marketed by that producer in interprovincial and export trade shall, through the Levy Order set up and amended from time to time by the Agency, be identical to the total levy imposed hereunder for intraprovincial trade.


5     This Order shall come into force as of December 30, 2007.


6     [repealed]




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Nova Scotia Egg Producers’ Levy Order

N.S. Reg. 170/2006

Natural Products Act

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