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Windshield Stickers Regulations

made under subsection 184(4) of the
Motor Vehicle Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 293
N.S. Reg. 6/77 (January 20, 1977)

In addition to any other sticker required to be affixed to the windshield of a motor vehicle in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act, and pursuant to Section 166(2) [subsection 184(4)] of the Motor Vehicle Act, I hereby approve affixing and display of

(i) a single identification sticker on the upper most center portion of a windshield provided it does not exceed dimensions of 3 inches when measured vertically or 6 inches horizontally, and

(ii) a single semi-transparent metric/miles per hour conversion indicator on the extreme lower edge of the windshield provided it is centered in line with the steering column of the vehicle and does not exceed dimensions of 2 inches when measured vertically or 7 inches horizontally.