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Conservation Number Plates Regulations

made under Section 38 of the
Motor Vehicle Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 293
O.I.C. 2003-105 (March 21, 2003), N.S. Reg. 54/2003

1 These regulations may be cited as the Conservation Number Plates Regulations.

Description of conservation plate
2 (1) Upon application to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the form prescribed by the Registrar, a person may be issued a special number plate that

(a) is 15.24 cm in width by 30.48 cm in length;

(b) shows a multi-coloured piping plover followed by blue letters and numerals on a silver- white field; and

(c) bears the words "NOVA SCOTIA" at the top and "CONSERVATION - SPECIES AT RISK" at the bottom,

and is otherwise in general accordance with the number plate depicted in Schedule "A".

Vehicle weight restriction
3 A conservation plate may be issued only for a passenger motor vehicle or a commercial motor vehicle that is registered for a weight of 5000 kg or less.

Schedule "A"