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Registration of Mobility Handicapped Persons' Vehicles

regulations made under Section 10 of the
Motor Vehicle Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 293
O.I.C. 86-1056 (September 2, 1986), Reg. No. 238/86

1 In these regulations

(a) "mobility handicapped person" means a person whose mobility is limited as a result of permanent severe physical disability caused by paralysis, lower limb amputation, heart or lung disease, or other debilitating impairment to the extent that

(i) the person is unable to propel himself without the aid of a wheelchair or walker, or a combination of two of a crutch, cane, leg brace or leg prosthesis, or

(ii) (A) the daily use of a device to assist the person with breathing is required, or

(B) the person has a significant cardiopulmonary condition which results in severe shortness of breath with minimum physical activity, or

(C) the person has a severe neuro-muscular or skeletal condition, and

because of any of the conditions described in paragraph (A), (B), or (C) is limited in mobility to 50 metres or less in outdoor weather conditions, or

(iii) the person is legally blind in accordance with the definition of blindness in the Blind Persons Act (Canada) as may be from time to time amended.

2 There is a class of vehicle designated as a handicapped person's vehicle.

3 Where all requirements of the Act and any regulations thereunder for vehicle registration are complied with in respect of a vehicle and the Registrar is satisfied that the vehicle is owned and regularly operated by a mobility handicapped person, the vehicle may be registered as a mobility handicapped person's vehicle, and a special number plate may be issued to the mobility handicapped person and assigned to the vehicle.

4 Where a vehicle in respect of which a special number plate is assigned is sold, transferred or disposed of, the mobility handicapped person to whom the special number plate is issued shall immediately remove the special number plate from the vehicle and return the special number plate to the Registrar.