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Medal of Bravery Regulations

made under Section 5 of

Medal of Bravery Act

S.N.S. 2007, c. 12

O.I.C. 2008-498 (September 23, 2008), N.S. Reg. 397/2008


1          These regulations may be cited as the Medal of Bravery Regulations.


2          In these regulations,


                        (a)       “Act” means the Medal of Bravery Act;


                        (b)       “advisory committee” means the advisory committee established by the Premier under subsection 3(1) of the Act;


                        (c)       “medal” means the Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery issued under the Act.

Form of medal

3          A medal must be in the form of a silver medallion on which is inscribed the following:


                        (a)       on the front of the medal, all of the following, generally in accordance with the depiction in Schedule A:


                                    (i)        a lion rampant,


                                    (ii)       a waving banner,


                                    (iii)      laurel leaves;


                        (b)       on the back of the medal, the name of the recipient of the medal and the date of the act of bravery for which the medal is being issued.

Lapel pin and citation

4          In association with a medal, the Provincial Secretary may issue


                        (a)       a lapel pin, which must be silver and contain the same inscriptions as set out in Section 3 for a medal; or


                        (b)       a citation in a form established by the Provincial Secretary.

No designation on uniform

5          Nothing in these regulations prescribes a designation for the purpose of clause 4(b) of the Act to be worn on a uniform.

Nominating person for medal

6          (1)       Any person or organization may nominate a person to be issued a medal.


            (2)       The Provincial Secretary may establish forms and procedures for a nomination.


Advisory committee expenses

7          A member of the advisory committee must be reimbursed for actual out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with established guidelines approved for civil servants.

Provincial Secretary’s duties

8          The Provincial Secretary must do all of the following:


                        (a)       keep a register containing the names of recipients of medals and any other records relating to issuing medals that the Provincial Secretary considers necessary;


                        (b)       receive nominations of persons to be issued medals;


                        (c)       acquire medals and associated lapel pins and citations, and prepare them for presentation;


                        (d)       arrange for medals and any associated lapel pins and citations to be presented to recipients in presentation ceremonies or by delivery.

Cancelling issuance of medal

9          (1)       On becoming aware of circumstances respecting a person who has been issued a medal that, at the time the person was nominated, would have resulted in a determination that the person was not eligible for the medal, the Provincial Secretary may recommend to the Governor in Council that the issuance of the medal be cancelled.


            (2)       When the Governor in Council cancels the issuance of a medal,


                        (a)       the Provincial Secretary must remove the name of the recipient of the medal from the register referred to in Section 8;


                        (b)       the recipient of the medal must return the medal and any associated lapel pin or citation to the Provincial Secretary.

Schedule A: Depiction of Medal of Bravery

Medal of Bravery