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Housing Nova Scotia Regulations

made under Section 13 of the
Housing Nova Scotia Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 213
O.I.C. 86-925 (July 29, 1986), N.S. Reg. 210/86
as amended by O.I.C. 90-995 (August 21, 1990), N.S. Reg. 234/90

1 In all conveyances, contracts, releases, discharges, documents, instruments, agreements and transfers where Housing Nova Scotia is authorized or required to be a party, the document may be signed, sealed and delivered by:

(a) the Minister of Community Services; or

(b) the Deputy Minister of Community Services; or in their absence

(c) the person for the time being charged with the execution of the powers and duties of the office of either of them.

2 The certificate of the Corporation's solicitor of due execution shall be sufficient evidence of due execution for the registration in any Registry of Deeds of any contract, conveyance, release, discharge, instrument, agreements, transfer or document without further proof of the signatures or official character of the party executing the same, and the solicitor for Housing Nova Scotia shall be the solicitor assigned to the Minister of Community Services by the Attorney General of Nova Scotia.

3 The Certificate shall be in the form following:


I, ______________________, the solicitor for Housing Nova Scotia do hereby certify that the foregoing ____________________ was signed, sealed and delivered by or on behalf of Housing Nova Scotia on the ___ day of ___________, A.D. 19___.

A Barrister of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
and Solicitor of the Department of the Attorney General

4 The seal of Housing Nova Scotia may be embossed on all conveyances, releases, discharges, instruments, contracts, agreements, transfers and documents and shall consist of a circular seal with the following imprint:

Housing Nova Scotia
Incorporated 1986

5 The due execution of documents by Housing Nova Scotia may also be proved in the usual manner for proof of due execution by witness and affidavit or certification.

6 All regulations made from time to time by the Governor in Council pursuant to Chapter 211 of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, the Housing Act, respecting mortgage loans for housing made by the Minister of Community Services shall apply mutatis mutandis to Housing Nova Scotia and to the lending of money for mortgage loan purposes by Housing Nova Scotia, effective on, from and after the 1st day of September, 1990.
Section 6 added: O.I.C. 90-995, N.S. Reg. 234/90.


All references to the “Housing Development Corporation” replaced with “Housing Nova Scotia” and all references to the “Minister of Housing” and “Deputy Minister of Housing” replaced with “Minister of Community Services” and “Deputy Minister of Community Services” in accordance with amendments to the Act made by S.N.S. 2013, c. 10, ss. 5 to 9, effective August 30, 2013.