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Forfeiture of Seized Property Regulations

made under subsection 101(1) of the
Wildlife Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 504
N.S. Reg. 83/99 (September 4, 1997)

Pursuant to Section 101(1) of the Wildlife Act, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 504 as Minister of Natural Resources, I hereby order the automatic forfeiture to Her Majesty in Right of the Province property, including wildlife, seized from a person convicted of the following offences:

Wildlife Act
Section 26 Hunting or fishing without valid licence or permit.
Section 31(2) Obtaining or applying for licence or permit after conviction.
Section 32(2) Hunt[ing] while disqualified because of a hunting accident.
Section 39(2) Hunting wildlife during closed season.
Section 39(2) Exceeding seasonal bag limit prescribed for wildlife.
Section 50(1) Hunting, taking or killing protected wildlife.
Section 68 Hunting wildlife by means of, or with assistance of, a light or flambeau.
Section 69(1) Shining a light of more than 4 1/2 volts at night on wildlife habitat not owned by that person.
Section 73(2) Hunting wildlife during hours other than those permitted by regulations.
Section 73(2) Discharging a firearm or bow during hours other than those permitted by regulations.
Section 78(3) Hunting in an area designated as “no hunting” by the Minister of Natural Resources.
Section 79 Possessing firearm or bow in wildlife habitat contrary to Act or regulations.
Section 80(4) Transporting or possessing uncased firearm or bow in wildlife habitat at night during open season.
Section 81 Using or possessing prohibited weapon or ammunition.
Section 87(1) Possessing uncased firearm or bow in wildlife habitat while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
Section 87(2) Discharging or handling firearm or bow without due care and attention.
Section 88(a) Obstructing a conservation officer or person assisting.
Section 88(d) Assaulting a Conservation Officer or person assisting.
Section 109 Applying for license or permit while disqualified.
Firearm and Bow Regulations
Section 3(a) Possessing a swivel or spring gun in wildlife habitat.
Section 3(b) Possessing a shotgun greater than 10 gauge in wildlife habitat.
Section 3(c) Possessing a device designed to deaden sound of report of firearm in wildlife habitat.
Section 3(d) Possessing a crossbow in a wildlife habitat.
Section 3(e) Possessing in wildlife habitat shot larger than .24 in./.6096 cm (AAA or No. 4 Buckshot) except rifled slugs or ball during the open season for big game.
General Wildlife Regulations
Section 11(1) Hunting wildlife between 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise contrary to the regulations.
Section 11(2) Discharging firearm or bow between 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise contrary to the regulations.
Chignecto Game Sanctuary [Regulations]
Section 3(1)(a) Hunting wildlife in Chignecto Game Sanctuary contrary to the regulations.
Liscomb Game Sanctuary Regulations
Section 3(1)(a) Hunting wildlife in Liscomb Game Sanctuary contrary to the regulations.
Tobeatic Wildlife Management Area Regulations
Section 3(1)(a) Hunting wildlife in Tobeatic Wildlife Management Area without written authorization, contrary to the regulations.
Any trap, snare or net illegally used to hunt wildlife may be seized and upon conviction will be automatically forfeited to the Crown.