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Bird Islands Wildlife Management Area Designation

made under Section 15 of the

Wildlife Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 504

O.I.C. 2009-184 (April 14, 2009), N.S. Reg. 193/2009

       The following area, the approximate boundaries of which are shown in the map attached as Appendix A to this designation, is designated as a wildlife management area to be known as Bird Islands Wildlife Management Area:

       All and singular those certain lots, pieces and parcels of land and land covered by water commonly referred to as Bird Islands, situate, lying and being off the shoreline of Cape Dauphin, in the County of Victoria, Province of Nova Scotia as showing on Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Field Plot P-076/93-2, and being more particularly described as follows:

       Commencing at Nova Scotia Control Monument No. 2120 situate near Hectors Point, Victoria County, Nova Scotia;

       Thence North 31° 27' 30'' East a distance of 3130 m more or less to the Point of Beginning, said point being 2000 m more or less seaward from the shoreline of Cape Dauphin;

       Thence North 52° 11' 30'' West a distance of 1158 m more or less to a point;

       Thence North 37° 27' 00'' East a distance of 4736 m more or less to a point;

       Thence South 52° 11' 30'' East a distance of 1158 m more or less to a point;

       Thence South 37° 27' 00'' West a distance of 4736 m more or less to the point of beginning;

       Being and intended to be all that land contained within Ciboux Island and Hertford Island known collectively as Bird Islands, and also all that land covered by water surrounding the said Bird Islands contained within the afore described perimeter boundary, said perimeter being approximately 500 m from the ordinary high water mark of the said Bird Islands and containing a total area of 550 ha more or less of land and land covered by water.

Appendix “A”

Map of Approximate Boundaries of Bird Islands Wildlife Management Area