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Accessibility Act General Regulations

made under Section 71 of the

Accessibility Act

S.N.S. 2017, c. 2

O.I.C. 2019-335 (effective December 2, 2019), N.S. Reg. 197/2019

amended to O.I.C. 2021-5 (effective January 12, 2021), N.S. Reg. 3/2021

Effective July 2, 2024, these regulations are amended by N.S. Reg. 128/2024.

Table of Contents

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Designation of public sector bodies



1        These regulations may be cited as the Accessibility Act General Regulations.


2        In these regulations,


“Act” means the Accessibility Act.

Designation of public sector bodies

3        The following are prescribed as public sector bodies under the Act:


Name of public sector body


Acadia University

April 1, 2021

Atlantic School of Theology


Cape Breton University


Dalhousie University


Mount Saint Vincent University


Nova Scotia College of Art and Design


Nova Scotia Community College


Saint Mary’s University


St. Francis Xavier University


Université Sainte Anne


University of Kings College


a regional municipality, a county or district municipality, a town


a regional public library


a village continued under the Municipal Government Act


Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority

April 1, 2022

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


Develop Nova Scotia


an education entity as defined in the Education Act


Events East Group


a health authority as defined in the Health Authorities Act


Housing Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia Business Inc.


Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation


Nova Scotia Innovation Corporation


Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation


Nova Scotia Museum


Tourism Nova Scotia




Legislative History
Reference Tables

Accessibility Act General Regulations

N.S. Reg. 197/2019

Accessibility Act

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Source Law

The current consolidation of the Accessibility Act General Regulations made under the Accessibility Act includes all of the following regulations:


In force

How in force

Royal Gazette
Part II Issue


Dec 2, 2019

date specified

Dec 20, 2019


Jan 12, 2021

date specified

Jan 29, 2021













The following regulations are not yet in force and are not included in the current consolidation:


In force

How in force

Royal Gazette
Part II Issue













*See subsection 3(6) of the Regulations Act for rules about in force dates of regulations.

Amendments by Provision

ad. = added
am. = amended

fc. = fee change
ra. = reassigned

rep. = repealed
rs. = repealed and substituted

Provision affected

How affected


rs. 3/2021









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Editorial Notes and Corrections













Repealed and Superseded



In force






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