Staff Directory: Staff Details

Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture Staff Directory:
By Division
Osborne,  Bruce Executive Director Halifax 902-471-3928
Hancock,  Bruce Director Shelburne 902-875-7433
Aquatic Animal Health
Cusack,  Dr. Roland Provincial Fish Health Veterinarian Bible Hill 902-893-6539
Snyder,  Dr. Anthony Aquatic Animal Health Veterinarian Bible Hill 902-896-4814
Swim,  Dr. Amanda Aquatic Animal Health Veterinarian Bible Hill 902-896-2440
Huntington,  Carl Aquatic Animal Health Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-4634
Ogilvie,  Adam Aquatic Animal Health Biologist Bible Hill 902-893-6542
Matthews,  Michele Secretary Bible Hill 902-893-5359
Licensing and Leasing
Goreham,  Brennan Manager, Licensing and Leasing Shelburne 902-875-7430
Harris,  Jennifer Secretary Shelburne 902-875-7439
Blades,  Nicole Licensing Clerk Shelburne 902-875-7444
Holland,  Susanne File Clerk Shelburne 902-875-7462
Greenwood,  Megan Licensing Coordinator Shelburne 902-875-7443
Spencer,  Amanda Licensing Coordinator Shelburne 902-875-7442
VanBuskirk-Spears,  Shelley Licensing Coordinator Shelburne 902-875-7463
Winfield,  Lynn Licensing Coordinator Shelburne 902-875-7440
Aquaculture Development
Feindel,  Nathaniel Manager, Aquaculture Development Shelburne 902-875-7450
Clancey,  Lewis Aquaculture Advisor Halifax 902-956-3839
Feehan,  Jennifer Aquaculture Advisor Halifax 902-237-0771
King,  Matthew GIS Analyst Shelburne 902-875-7437
Watts,  Melinda Aquaculture Advisor Halifax 902-483-7668
Aquaculture Operations
Feindel,  Jessica Manager, Aquaculture Operations Shelburne 902-875-7434
Mosher,  Todd Aquaculture Management Specialist Shelburne 902-875-7431
Richardson,  Kate Environmental Monitoring Program Supervisor Shelburne 902-875-7436