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November 09, 2017

Current Account

 In Japan September 2017, the current account decreased 432 billion yen to  1,835 billion yen surplus over August 2017.


In September 2017, Japan reported a net international trade (goods and services) surplus of 358 billion yen; a primary income surplus of 1,682 billion yen; and a secondary income (transfers)  deficit of  205 billion yen.


 Trade Balance


In September 2017, Japan's net trade (goods and services) decrease by 218 billion yen over August 2017, resulting in a decreased surplus of 358 billion yen.

Goods exports decreased by 111 billion yen to 6,419 billion yen. Goods imports increased 42 billion yen to 5,944 billion yen.

Net goods trade surplus decreased by 153 billion yen to 475 billion yen. Net Services decreased by 65 billion yen resulting in an increased net services deficit of 117 billion yen over August 2017. 



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