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June 04, 2024

In 2023, there were 1,007 goods-exporting firms in Nova Scotia.  This was an increase of 50 compared with the previous year, but remains below the most recent peak of 1,037 in 2019 (and well below the number of exporting firms from the early 2000s).

The value of goods exports per firm has trended up in Nova Scotia, particularly in 2021 and 2022, but declined in 2023 to $6.26 million in goods exports per exporting firm.  

In 2023, goods exports were down 0.2% in Nova Scotia, while the number of exporting firms increased by 5.2%.  This resulted in a 5.1% decline in goods exports per firm.  Across Canada, goods exports were down 2.0% while the number of goods exporting firms increased by 1.5%.  This resulted in a 3.4% decline in national goods exports per firm.

Goods exports were up by the largest percentage gain in Prince Edward Island while Alberta and British Columbia recorded the largest percentage declines in goods exports. 

The number of goods exporting firms increased the most in the Maritime provinces.  The number of exporting firms were down in all three Prairie provinces as well as in Québec. 

The value of exports per firm grew fastest in Prince Edward Island while New Brunswick and British Columbia reported the largest declines in goods exports per firm.  

Across Canada, firms in Newfoundland and Labrador had the highest value of goods exports per firm.  Nova Scotia reported the lowest value of goods exports per firm in 2023.

Looking at goods-producing industries as well as wholesale trade (excluding the small value of goods exports from other services-producing industries), Nova Scotia's value of exports per firm were typically lower than the comparable national averages.  The exceptions were: plastics/rubber products, fabricated metal products and agriculture/forestry/fishing.  

Source: Statistics Canada. Table 12-10-0098-01  Trade in goods by exporter characteristics, by industry of establishment

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