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February 08, 2018


Current Account

 In December 2017, Japan's current account decreased 221 billion yen to 1,480 billion yen over November 2017. Japan reported a net international trade (goods and services) surplus of 207 billion yen; a primary income surplus of 1,518 billion yen; and a secondary income (transfers) deficit of 246 billion yen.


Trade Balance


In December 2017, Japan's net trade (goods and services) decreased by 209 billion yen over November 2017, resulting in a decreased surplus of 207 billion yen.

Goods exports decreased by 117 billion yen to 6,706 billion yen. Goods imports increased 160 billion yen to 6,476 billion yen.

Net goods trade surplus decreased by 277 billion yen to 230 billion yen. Net Services increased by 68 billion yen resulting in a reduced net services deficit of 23 billion yen over November 2017. 


Japan posted a current account surplus of 21,874 billion yen, an increase of 1,532 billion yen (+7.5 per cent) over 2016. Trade balance was 4,225 billion yen, a decrease of 152 billion yen (-3.5 per cent) from 2016. Japan's trade balance has rebounded in recent years after posting trade deficits between 2011 and 2015. 

Primary income was 19,740 billion yen, a 9.1 per cent increase over 2016, while secondary income posted a deficit of 2,090 billion yen, a 2.2 per cent decrease over 2016.

Press Release:
Bal of Payments:

Based on Table 6s-a-2 Current Account (seasonally adjusted), Monthly, and Table 6s-1-1 Summary of balance of payments (unadjusted), Annual


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