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February 05, 2018


In December 2017, the EU(28)  retail index of turnover (seasonally and calendar adjusted but not deflated) declined 0.9 percentage points to 115.6 over November, and increased 4.4 percentage points over December 2016. The EA(19) retail index of turnover (seasonally and calendar adjusted but not deflated)  declined 1.0 points to 111.5 over November 2017, and increased 3.6 points over December 2016.





In 2017, the EU(28) retail index (2010=100) of turnover (seasonally and calendar adjusted but not deflated) increased 4.5 points to 113.7 over 2016. The EA(19) retail index (2010=100) of turnover (seasonally and calendar adjusted but not deflated) increased 4.0 points to 110.0 over 2016.




In December 2017, the seasonally adjusted index of deflated turnover value of retail sales in the European Union was down 1.0 per cent over November 2017.  For the Euro Area retail sales, the seasonally adjusted index of deflated turnover was down 1.1 per cent in December over November 2017.

Year-over-year, the calendar adjusted deflated retail sales turnover index increased by 2.4 per cent in the European Union and increased by 1.9 per cent in the euro area, over the previous year.




On a year-to-date basis, EU retail sales values are up 2.7 per cent compared with 2016.  Euro Area retail sales are up 2.5 per cent year-to-date.  By member state, the strongest growth is found among  Eastern European countries (Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia), Ireland and Cyprus. Slower growth was reported in  Belgium, Italy, Denmark, and Austria.

By retail sector, the strongest growth is found in mail order and internet sales. However, as with the European annual retail sales growth, year-to-date retail sales  growth would be attributable to volume increases in food beverage and tobacco (+3.4%) and automotive fuels (+8.0%). 

Notes: EuroStat reports retail sales on a volume basis (deflated to account for changes in prices) as well as on a turnover basis (including changes in value caused by price growth).  Canadian retail trade data include price effects and should be compared to European turnover data.

Source:   EuroStat  News Releases,  Database,  Sectors


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