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January 22, 2018

Statistics Canada reports that during November 2017, receipts of food services and drinking places in Nova Scotia increased by 1.4 per cent (seasonally adjusted) to $137.3 million.  National food service and drinking place receipts decreased 0.2 per cent to $5.78 billion over October 2017.  

On a year-over-year basis (comparing November 2017 with November 2016), food service and drinking place receipts were up 4.7 per cent in Nova Scotia while national sales were up 5.4 per cent.  

On a year-to-date basis (comparing the sum of seasonally adjusted totals from Jan-Nov 2017 with the same months of 2016), Nova Scotia's food service and drinking place receipts were up 0.5 per cent while national totals increased 5.1 per cent over the same period last year.  

In 2014 and 2015, Nova Scotia's food service and drinking place receipts grew at a similar pace to the national average.  In 2016, Nova Scotia's food services and drinking places reported sales growth that exceeded the national pace before falling below the national pace early in 2017.  

Among categories (data reflect unadjusted totals for the January to November period), Nova Scotia's special food services and full-service restaurants reported lower receipts.  These losses were  offset by gains among limited services eating places and drinking places.



Each month, Statistics Canada reports on receipts of food services and drinking places for Canada and the Provinces.  Food service and drinking place receipts are seasonally adjusted.  More detailed data on receipts by type of establishment are available monthly, but these are not seasonally adjusted so only year-over-year or year-to-date analysis is appropriate.  

Food service and drinking place establishments include:

full-service restaurants where patrons order and are served while seated and pay after eating

limited-service restaurants where patrons order/select items at a counter and pay before eating either on premises or as take-out

special food services, such as institutional food contractors, caterers or mobile food providers

drinking places primarily engaged in serving alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption (though they sometimes provide limited food services as well)  


Source: Statistics Canada, CANSIM table 355-0006

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