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August 03, 2017

Retail Trade Index

In the Euro Area (EA19) June 2017, retail sales volumes index (calendar and seasonally adjusted) increased 0.5 per cent to 105.8 over May 2017 and increased 3.1 per cent over June 2016. 

In the European Union Area (EU28) June 2017, retail sales volumes index (calendar and seasonally adjusted) increased 0.4 per cent to 109.4 over May 2017 and increased 3.1 per cent over June 2016.



Month over Month

*data from the previous month

The largest month over month growth was in Croatia (5.8%), Romania (+4.3%, previous month) and Portugal (+2.4%) while the largest declines were in Greece (-1.8%, previous month), Lithuania (-1.7%) and Cyprus (-1.0%, previous month). In the EA19, growth occurred in the mail order/internet sector (+2.7%), textiles and clothing (+1.4%) and household goods (+1.3%). In the EU28, household goods (+1.5%) and textiles and clothing (+1.1%) were the fastest growing.



Year over Year


In the EU28, the largest year over year percent increase occurred in Romania (+14.0%, previous month), Slovenia (+10.2%), and Croatia (+8.2%) while Luxembourg (-25.8%) declined due to a change in firm classification. In the EU28, growth has occurred with automotive fuel (+3.7%), food products (+2.0%) and non-food products (+3.9%). Over the past year, mail order/internet sales have increased 10.1 per cent in EU28. 



*data from the previous month                                                                                                                             

Source:   EuroStat  News Releases,  Database


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