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Tobacco & Fuel

The Nova Scotia Revenue Act and regulations prescribes taxes on the purchase of tobacco in the province.

These taxes are administered on behalf of the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board by Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations.



Tobacco Tax Rates
Tobacco ProductCurrent Tax Rate

Cigarettes and pre-proportioned tobacco sticks

  • Individual
  • Carton of 200


  • 27.52¢ / cigarette
  • $55.04 / carton
Fine Cut: Per Gram26.0¢ / gram
Cigars: Individual60% of the retail selling price
(manufacturer's or importer's)
Other forms of tobacco18.52¢ / gram

Motive Fuel Tax Rates

Motive fuels (gasoline and diesel) are fuels used to power gasoline and diesel engines and are taxed by both the federal and provincial governments.  The tax rates are applied per litre of fuel, regardless of the price per litre.

Motive Fuel Tax Rates
FuelTax Per Litre
Gasoline    15.5¢
Aviation Fuel2.5¢
Marine Fuel1.1¢

Applicable HST

In Nova Scotia, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) applies to taxable motive fuel. Businesses are entitled to an input tax credit on the HST paid on motive fuel purchases and consumption.

Exemptions and Refunds

For information on provincial motive gasoline and diesel fuel tax exemptions, rebates and refunds, please visit the Nova Scotia Provincial Tax Commission.

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Tobacco and Fuel

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Philip Hatheway
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The Nova Scotia Provincial Tax Commission administers Nova Scotia fuel and tobacco taxes.

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