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Volunteer Firefighters and Ground Search & Rescue Tax Credit

The Volunteer Firefighters and Ground Search & Rescue Tax Credit reduces eligible applicants’ personal income taxes by:

If your total personal income taxes are less than the value of the credit, the credit is refundable.

Even if you have no income or taxes payable, it is to your benefit to file a return and claim this credit.

EligibilityTo receive the credit for the 2010 tax year, you must meet the following requirements:




The Fire Chief's Report and the Ground Search and Rescue Report provide confirmation of eligibility status according to the criteria under the legislation and regulations. The reports will be used by the Canada Revenue Agency to confirm whether an individual has met the criteria and is eligible to receive the credit.

How to Apply


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Volunteer Firefighters Tax Credit

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Forms and Manuals
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Fire Chief's Report (pdf)

Ground Search and Rescue Report (pdf)

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