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Incorporation of Sales Representatives of Registered Dealers and Advisors:

Summary of consultation responses on the possible options for the incorporation of individual representatives of registered dealers and advisors

In December 2010, a working group of provincial/territorial government officials (working group) issued a consultation paper to seek feedback on possible options for the incorporation of individual sales representatives of registered dealers and advisers.  The comment period closed February 25, 2011.

The working group received 63 written responses.  A summary of those written responses can be viewed below.

Deloitte Reports:

Phase I Report ( 845kb PDF)

This report focuses on the province's current and future financial position, with emphasis on the economic assumptions in the May 2009 budget, the impact of the former government's Building for Growth infrastructure plan, and an analysis of revenue and expenditure forecasts.

Phase II Report ( 387kb PDF)

This report looks at technical questions related to accounting and budgeting in government departments and third-party agencies.

The report completes the work of consultants from Deloitte, who released findings of the first phase of their independent review on Aug. 17, 2009.

Areas studied in phase two include:

  • the feasibility of separating capital and operating budgets
  • accounting options for government operating grants or other funding to boards and agencies
  • options to resolve the Auditor General's qualification and scope limitation related to budgeting of third-party revenues
  • options to improve the timeliness and approval processes for grants and business plans for district health authorities and regional school boards.


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