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Public Accounts

The annual public accounts, usually released in July, compare the actual financial results of the previous fiscal year to the budget plan for the year.

Infographic of the Budget release cycle: Public Accounts, Quarterly Updates, Captial Plan, Pre-Budget Consultation, Build a Budget

The Public Accounts are produced annually in hardcopy and PDF format in accordance with the Finance Act, which requires annual comprehensive financial reporting.  The Public Accounts Volume 1 - Financial Statements and Volume 2 - Agencies and Funds are released by September 30 each year.

A listing of all organizations that are part of the Province (the Government Reporting Entity) as at March 31, 2013 may be found here.

Public Accounts
YearVolume 1Volume 2Supplementary
2018View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2017View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2016View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2015View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2014View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2013View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2012View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2011View (pdf)ViewView (pdf)
2010View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2009View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2008View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2007View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2006View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2005View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2004View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2003View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2002View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2001View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
2000View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
1999View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
1998View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
1997View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)
1996View (pdf)View (pdf)View (pdf)

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