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Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

The Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act (PSCDA) enhances accountability and transparency in the use of public funds by requiring public sector bodies to report compensation of $100,000 or more, paid to persons during the fiscal year. Under the PSCDA public sector bodies includes member of the Government Reporting Entity (GRE), entities designated by regulation (post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia) and certain not-for-profit organizations.

Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Reports
2016-2017 Reports

2015-2016 Reports
2014-2015 Reports
2013-2014 Reports
2012-2013 Reports

Reporting Guide
The Department of Finance and Treasury Board provides a Reporting Guide (français) (pdf) to assist public sector bodies to meet the requirements of under the PSCDA. This Guide provides the following information:

• which public sector bodies must report compensation information,
• what type of payments are considered compensation,
• the persons receiving compensation who require disclosure, and
• the content, format and timing of reporting
• When public sector bodies are required to submit reports

Questions regarding the PSCDA may be sent to Department of Finance and Treasury Board using the following email address:

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