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Liability Management and Treasury Services
Liability Management & Treasury Services Division (“LMTS”) of the Department of Finance and Treasury Board manages the treasury function for the Consolidated Fund, manages the net financial market debt portfolio, and provides advisory and financing services to governmental units. The Treasury Services function includes managing the Consolidated Fund’s operational cash flow, including managing daily banking functions, bank transfers, banking relationships, short-term investing and borrowing, and short-term investments of special funds. LMTS also provides a broad range of services to ministries, Crown corporations and public sector agencies. These services include cash management services, including loans and investments of Crown corporations, payment and transfer services and electronic banking arrangements.

Liability Management is the management of the Province’s net financial market debt portfolio. The management of the debt portfolio primarily consists of executing the borrowing program, investing sinking funds, and executing derivative transaction where appropriate and cost-effective.

The Division also provides advisory and financing services to Crown corporations and agencies related to debt and governance structures, debt and financing models, and arrangement and placement services. The Department of Finance and Treasury Board may provide or arrange funding for large infrastructure or capital projects.

The management of the Province’s debt portfolio is overseen by the Debt Management Committee. That Committee consists of members from the provincial government and an external member, and is chaired by the Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury Board. It is an advisory committee to the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board, and is accountable to the Minister. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Province of Nova Scotia’s debt management is based on sound financial principles, and is conducted in a prudent manner, balancing the costs and risks within acceptable control standards.

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