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Insurance Licensing Fees

Licensing Fees - Agent, Agency, Adjuster & Corporate Adjuster
Licensing ItemFee
Initial application and renewal (3 yr) - all agents, agencies, and adjuster Levels I-V$398.10
Change of sponsor$66.35
Exam    $66.35
Supplemental Exam$33.15

Insurance Companies Licence Fees (per year)
Type of InsuranceLicence Fee
Accident and sickness insurance$999.25
Aircraft insurance$398.10
Automobile insurance$663.45
Boiler and machinery insurance$398.10
Credit insurance$398.10
Fidelity insurance$398.10
Hail insurance$398.10
Legal expense insurance$398.10
Liability insurance$663.45
Life insurance$999.25
Marine insurance$663.45
Mortgage insurance$398.10
Property insurance$663.45
Surety insurance$398.10
Title insurance$398.10

The maximum fee to be paid by any insurer or inter-insurance exchange is $1,990.45
Licenses are issued for a three year period

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Agent, agency and adjuster licensing enquiries:
902-424-5528 or 902-424-7551

Insurer licensing enquiries: 902-424-6331

Fax: 902-424-1298

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