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Insurance Taxes

Quarterly Insurance Tax Payments

Under the Insurance Premiums Tax Act, every insurance company is required to pay quarterly insurance premium taxes.  Tax rate is 3% on gross life, accident and sickness premiums, and 4% on gross premiums other than life, accident and sickness premiums. Payments are due within sixty days of the end of each quarter. 

Quarterly Tax Forms

First Quarter General Premium (pdf) (MS Word .doc)
First Quarter Life Premium (pdf) (MS Word .doc)
Second Quarter General Premium (pdf) (MS Word .doc)
Second Quarter Life Premium (pdf) (MS Word .doc)
Third Quarter General Premium (pdf) (MS Word .doc)
Third Quarter Life Premium (pdf) (MS Word .doc)

Other Tax Forms

Annual Fire Prevention Tax Form (pdf) (MS Word .doc)
Annual General Premium Tax (pdf) (MS Word .doc)
Annual Life Premium Tax  (pdf) (MS Word .doc)


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