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Phase I Reforms

Phase One Reforms – Effective April 1, 2012
The following automobile insurance reforms are part of the phase one implementation, effective April 1, 2012.

Regulations related to the phase one reforms were published in the Royal Gazette Part 11, January 13, 2012.

Enhanced Mandatory Benefits – Under Section B
The standard automobile insurance policy in Nova Scotia provides mandatory benefits under Section B. These include medical, rehabilitation, funeral, death and loss of income benefits.

The independent automobile insurance review recommended increasing mandatory benefits to provide better coverage for Nova Scotia auto insurance consumers.

Benefit Category

Previous Benefit

New Benefit
(as of April 1, 2012)

Medical and Rehabilitation Expenses



Funeral Expenses



Death Benefits

Head of Household


Spouse of Head of Household




Loss of Income



Principal Unpaid Housekeeper



Prohibiting Premium Increases If No Claim Is Made
There is an obligation for drivers to report a collision to their insurance company even if they choose to cover the cost of damages themselves. Previously, automobile insurers could increase premiums when a collision was reported even if no claim had been made and the insured had covered the cost of damages themselves.

Under the new reforms, Nova Scotia drivers can report a collision to their insurer without an impact on their premium if no claim for damages is made.

Assistance for Volunteer Fire Departments
Volunteer fire departments incur costs when responding to automobile collisions, which can  be a strain on resources. The independent auto insurance review determined that automobile insurers and their consumers should bear a fair share of these costs. 

Volunteer fire departments can claim costs incurred in responding to collisions on a case by case basis. However, it is difficult for small volunteer fire departments to submit and follow-up on such claims.

To address this situation the provincial government has implemented a levy to be paid by automobile insurers to help volunteer fire departments cover the cost of responding to automobile collisions. The levy will ensure that the parties causing collisions and their insurers are providing at least a minimum amount of compensation to volunteer fire departments which may lack the resources to make claims.

  • The levy is 50 cents per vehicle insured in Nova Scotia.
  • The Superintendent of Insurance will collect the levy annually.

Volunteer fire departments can continue to make insurance claims for economic losses on a case by case basis.

Periodic Review of Auto Insurance Law
Automobile insurance is something that should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it is up-to-date and meeting the needs of Nova Scotians. The independent review recommended the provincial government undertake periodic reviews of automobile insurance legislation and regulations. A review of automobile insurance legislation and regulations is now required at least every seven years.


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