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Claim Unclaimed Intestate Estate Funds
How do I claim any Unclaimed Intestate Estate Funds?

All claims must be completed in writing and sent to the Nova Scotia Department of Finance and Treasury Board as per the following procedure.

Procedure for Claiming Unclaimed Intestate Estates Funds

  • Search the database for the Estate Name that could be related to you.

  • If the name you searched for is provided in your search results, and you wish to find out if you are the missing heir to an Estate Name, you must contact the Probate Court listed. It is recommended that you phone first to confirm to avoid unwanted trips and time involved. 

    View Probate Court Registration Office Contact Information.

  • If the Estate Name is older than 3 years, you may have to contact the Land Registration Office for the county of which the Probate Court listed is located. Once again, we suggest you to call and confirm so that your trip will be successful.

    View Land Registration Office Contact Information.

  • If you obtain the document from either the Probate Court or the Land Registration Office that lists your name as the missing heir, you can now submit a claim. Obtain the services of a lawyer or notary public to assist you in obtaining the proper documentation. It is up to you to provide these documents, the onus of proof is up to the claimant.

    If the claim is for less than $10,000, download information regarding the required documentation (pdf) to submit your claim. Once you have submitted your claim please allow six to eight weeks to process.

    If the claim is for $10,000 or more, an application must be made to court.
  • Please note:  if your claim is approved by the Executive Council, Finance will pay Interest of Prime less 2% from the date the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board receives the funds from the Public Trustee to the date of payment.

Unclaimed Intestate Estates

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