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Government Accounting

The Government Accounting Division, of the Nova Scotia Department of Finance and Treasury Board, provides financial accounting services to all government departments and agencies.

Financial Accounting

The financial accounting section is responsible for the preparation of the province’s public accounts containing the annual consolidated financial statements for government departments and over 90 government controlled entities.

We provide professional accounting advice, recommendations and opinions to the Province's financial community, and comments on national accounting standards under development for the Public Sector Accounting Board.

In addition, we update accounting policies in the province’s management manuals and ensure the province’s financial community is aware of accounting principles and reporting requirements.

See also:  Provincial Management Manual (PDF)

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Government Accounting

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Suzanne Wile, Executive Director - Government Accounting
Tel:  902.424.7021

Robert Bourgeois, Director,
Financial Accounting
Tel: 902.424.2079

Direct Deposit Forms
Direct Deposit Forms
Electronic payments are a convenient and efficient way for you to receive reimbursement for things such as travel or invoices.

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