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Budget Documents (2008 - 2010)

The provincial budget outlines government's revenues and expenses. The Budget Documents are published annually (late spring) in hardcopy and PDF format. The documents list (as per the table below) includes the Budget Address, Budget Highlights, Budget Bulletins, Estimates, and other relevant documents. 

Budget Documents
Budget Address (pdf)ViewView View
Budget Address Update (pdf)-
Budget Addendum (pdf)-
Budget Assumptions & Schedules (pdf)ViewView


Budget Backgrounders (pdf)-


Presentations (PDF)



Budget Bulletins (pdf)
Budget Facts (pdf)-
- View
Budget Highlights (pdf)ViewView View
Estimates (pdf)(Now included in "Estimates Supplementary Detail" below)View View
Estimates Supplementary Detail (pdf)ViewView View
Crown Corporation Business Plans (pdf)ViewView View
Government Business Plan (pdf)ViewView View
All DocumentsDownload ( 9.99MB .zip file)Download (5.49MB zip file)