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Information Access & Privacy (Includes FOIPOP)

Our Privacy Policy Information Access and Privacy Services at Internal Services:

How do I request access to information?Requests for access to information can be made through one of the following:

How is the Protection of Privacy administered?Protection of privacy is administered under Nova Scotia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Act and the Personal Information International Disclosure (PIIDPA) Act 

Application Form for Requests for Correction of Personal Information 

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Routine Access Policy/FOIPOP

Orange ClockFor More Information

Please direct all inquiries to: Information Access and Privacy Services
Department of Internal Services
PO Box 72
Halifax, NS  B3J 2L4
Tel: 902-424-2985
or 1-844-424-2985

Courier packages can be delivered to:
11th  Floor
5161 George street
Halifax, NS   B3J 1M7

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