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Capital Markets Administration

Vicki Dimick, Director
The Capital Markets Administration division provides all post trade settlement and accounting functions for the Province's debt portfolio activities. This includes timely payment of interest and principal on debt issues, timely receipt of investment income and debt proceeds, and accurate forecasting of Provincial Debt Servicing Cost and Investment Income.  See also Unclaimed Intestate Estate Funds.


Dan Harrison, Director
The Communications division promotes the Department of Finance and Treasury Board's programs and policies to the public, primarily Nova Scotians. This team is responsible for managing the overall external and internal communications of the department by developing and implementing communications strategies, managing media relations, and providing advice through issues management.

These responsibilities include such tasks as issuing news releases, writing speeches, developing multi-media presentations, monitoring media coverage, preparing ministerial announcements and press conferences, and managing the department's internet site.

Finance and Treasury Board Corporate Services Unit (CSU)
Laurie Bennett, Director
TThe Finance and Treasury Board CSU supplies support in all aspects of financial management to other government departments such as: Finance and Treasury Board, Department of Business, Communities, Culture and Heritage; also the Nova Scotia Securities Commission and the Utility and Review Board.
Financial Institutions
The Financial Institutions division licenses 256 insurance companies which operate in the Province as well as 5000 individual insurance agents, brokers and adjusters and 500 agencies, brokerages and adjuster firms. The division also regulates the operations of credit unions, trust and loan companies.
Fiscal and Economic Policy

Taxation and Fiscal Policy
Paul Davies, Director
The main activity of Taxation and Fiscal Policy is to forecast tax revenues, conduct analysis of current and potential tax measures, develop implementation and legislative vehicles, as well as to provide technical advice and consultation to other departments and agencies.

Economics and Statistics
Thomas Storring, Director
The Economics and Statistics Division describes the Provincial government's interaction with the economy: how current and projected economic conditions influence government revenues as well as the effects of government spending, policy and projects on the economy.  The Division supplies the core demographic and economic forecasts for the government's Budgets and long range planning.  The Division delivers regular reports and analysis about economic and social conditions in Nova Scotia, including the DailyStats – a digest about Nova Scotia and its place in the world.  The Division maintains a set of data and models that appraise the impacts of major economic events, investments and policy changes for the provincial economy.  The Division organizes and curates economic and social data for a wide range of users throughout the province.  The Division's Community Counts site offers detailed community-level profiles, data and customizable maps.

Government Accounting

Suzanne Wile, Executive Director
The Government Accounting Division, of the Nova Scotia Department of Finance and Treasury Board, provides financial accounting services to all government departments and agencies.

Financial Accounting
Robert Bourgeois, Director
The financial accounting section is responsible for the preparation of the province's public accounts containing the annual consolidated financial statements for government departments and over 90 government controlled entities.

We provide professional accounting advice, recommendations and opinions to the Province's financial community, and comments on national accounting standards under development for the Public Sector Accounting Board.

In addition, we update accounting policies in the province's management manuals and ensure the province's financial community is aware of accounting principles and reporting requirements.

See also:  Provincial Management Manual (PDF)

Liability Management and Treasury Services

Liability Management and Treasury Services is responsible for ensuring effective money management, maximizing return on investments and minimizing debt servicing costs within risk tolerances acceptable to government. Specific business activities include managing the debt portfolio, treasury functions and investor relations.


Middle Office Compliance and Reporting

Vicki Dimick, Director
The Middle Office ensures that the investment and debt management activities are compliant with legislature as well as Finance and Treasury Board's objectives and policy limits by guaranteeing that best-in-class practices/policies/processes are in place to adequately control activities, such as monitoring and reporting ongoing investment and debt activities to management and Governance Committees. 

Policy and Advisory Services

The Policy and Advisory Services Division provides policy and planning services and advice to the Minister, Deputy Minister and divisions and agencies of the Department. The division's roles and responsibilities include:

  • Leading, or acting in an advisory, support, or coordinating role, Department and agency policy, legislative and regulatory initiatives;
  • Managing the Department and agency legislative approval process;
  • Linking cross-government policy initiatives and undertaking responsibilities to support these initiatives.
  • Coordinating the strategic, business and operational planning of the Department.
  • Supporting the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board in the oversight of those crown agencies for which she\he is responsible by coordinating government decisions and initiatives, providing policy support and advice and managing the appointment process.
Treasury Board

Gregory Penny, Executive Director
The object and purpose of the Treasury Board Division is to assist the Treasury and Policy Board in carrying out its duties under the Public Service Act. The division's roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Alignment of Government policies and the fiscal agenda;
  • Financial monitoring and oversight through monthly budget forecasting;
  • Management of annual budget process (expenditures & TCA);
  • Review and assessment of departmental memorandums to Executive Council and committees;
  • Monitoring and preparation of response to Auditor General Recommendations (TAGR);
  • Preparation of annual Provincial Capital Plan.

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