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Business Planning

Business Plans set out strategic goals, core business areas, and priorities for the upcoming fiscal year together with performance measures. The business plans of departments; PSVs and Crown corporations support their legislated and other responsibilities and are consistent with Government priorities and funding commitments.

The Government of Nova Scotia, departments, selected Public Service Votes (PSVs), and Crown corporations are required to publish annual Business Plans. Other government service organizations - health boards, school boards, and others - as defined in Section 80(1) and listed by Schedule in the Provincial Finance Act, are required to comply with the reporting and approval requirements for planning, budgeting, and reporting contained in enabling legislation or pursuant to the operating policies of the department to which the agency reports.

The Government is committed to operating in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring citizens receive essential government services in a timely and efficient manner and ensuring taxpayers receive maximum benefit for their tax dollars. The Government believes that rigorous business planning is a key to efficient and effective public sector management in achieving the above commitment.

The objectives of business planning are:

  • Priority Setting - Business plans should reinforce priority setting by focusing attention on a few, critical areas of the organization.
  • Action on Public Policy - Business plans should describe key actions to implement new public policy or changes in public policy.
  • Link to Government Priorities :  Business plans should align with Government's economic and social priorities.
  • Legislative Mandate and Contextual Factors - Business plans should describe key legislative and other responsibilities, significant contextual factors including available financial and other resources.
  • Core Business Areas - Business plans should describe the organization’s core business functions.
  • Performance Measurement - Business plans should include performance measures and targets to provide a basis for assessing organizational progress and performance.
  • Accountability - Business plans should promote public accountability and transparency.

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