Executive Council Office

The Executive Council Office (ECO) is the permanent non-partisan secretariat to the Executive Council (Cabinet) and its Committees.

ECO executes government’s mandate by providing strategic policy and planning advice to the Executive Council (Cabinet) and works closely with the Department of Finance and Treasury Board to ensure government initiatives are cost effective and resources are appropriately allocated. ECO ensures departments receive clear objectives, government’s priority initiatives are implemented effectively and are communicated accurately.

The core activities of the Executive Council Office are:

  • Provide policy support and coordination to ensure departmental initiatives align with government priorities.
  • Provide effective, efficient, analysis, advice and information to Executive Council and its Committees to enable informed decisions.
  • Provide support to departments to create and strengthen connections with other departments and agencies.
  • Ensure effective tracking and clear communications of decisions made by Executive Council and its Committees.
  • Identify opportunities to improve information and document processes for greater effectiveness and efficiency of submissions to Executive Council.
  • Provides advice and support on the governance of, and appointments to agencies, boards and commissions.
  • Administer corporate administrative policy manuals, and its process.
  • Provide operational and administrative services to the Office of the Premier overseeing human resource, finance and budgeting, security, and business continuity requirements.

The ECO has a number of important responsibilities related to government organization. These include overseeing the swearing in of Lieutenant Governors, Premiers, and Cabinets.

The ECO also processes requests under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the Executive Council Office, the Premiers Office and the Office of Strategy Management.