Legislation Committee

The Legislation Committee is a committee of the Executive Council. The mandate of the Legislation Committee is:

  • reviewing all proposed legislation;
  • ensuring a coordinated and comprehensive legislative regime which is aligned with government priorities; and
  • recommending the legislative agenda to the Executive Council.

The Legislation Committee is composed of a Chair, the Honourable Michel P. Samson, and not fewer than four other members of the Executive Council.

The members of the Legislation Committee shall be the Honourable Keith Colwell, the Honourable Zach Churchill and the Honourable Lena Metlege Diab. Joachim Stroink, MLA, Gordon Wilson, MLA and Terry Farrell, MLA are caucus participants on the Legislation Committee.

All matters and things coming before the Legislation Committee are subject to Cabinet privilege to the extent that they would be if they came before the Executive Council.

Those members and caucus participants of the Legislation Committee who are not also members of the Executive Council shall submit an Oath of Confidentiality.

The Premier and Deputy Premier are ex-officio members of the Legislation Committee.

The Chief of Staff to the Premier, the Principal Secretary to the Premier, Deputy Minister to the Office of the Premier, the Deputy Minister of Treasury and Policy Board, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury Board and the Deputy Minister of the Office of Planning and Priorities are ex-officio staff members of the Legislation Committee.