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Planning Resources

Use these best practices guides, policy models, and reference materials to guide your land-use and infrastructure planning.

Abandoned Coal Mine Subsidence for Municipalities in Nova Scotia

This document provides Nova Scotia municipalities with guidelines to address land-use planning and building construction issues, related to abandoned underground coal mine workings.

A User's Guide to the 'One Window' Process for Mine Development Approvals

This Department of Natural Resources publication outlines the process for reviewing, permitting and monitoring mine development projects in Nova Scotia.

GIS for Municipalities

The generic Nova Scotia municipal GIS requirements described within this document were developed to assist other Nova Scotia municipalities in planning for the acquisition of GIS software and hardware.

Infrastructure Charges - Best Practice Guide

This guide addresses the legislation, policies and practices relevant to the cost for new infrastructure. It provides a framework within which Council can consider the implementation of Infrastructure Charges pursuant to the MGA.

Patterns of Demographic Change

Information coming soon

Municipal Water Supply Watershed Planning

This document is intended as a reference guide in developing policies and regulations concerning watershed management for municipal drinking water supplies.   A key part of this reference guide is a model of a municipal planning strategy (MPS) and land-use by-law (LUB) dealing solely with a water supply watershed area, demonstrating that planning for the protection of a water supply need not be overly complex or difficult.

Urban Development in Rural Areas

This study was aimed at locating areas of recent, concentrated, un-serviced development in Nova Scotia. Using 1991and 1996 Canada Census dwelling counts to present a time series depiction of the creation of lots decade by decade including a settlement pattern animation which shows settlement by hamlet, strip and subdivision.  The study includes a number of reports on population, dwellings and development.

Water Resources

Water is essential to our health, communities, economies and environment and the Nova Scotia Water for Life Portal brings community, industry, academia and government information together. You can find out about water quality, monitoring networks,  maps or GIS data.

Wastewater Management

Wastewater effluents are the largest source of pollution by volume to surface water in Canada. Most wastewater systems are owned and operated by municipalities.