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The provincial government and Nova Scotia municipalities have incorporated e-government practices to better align their services with citizens' needs. The Department of Municipal Affairs has worked with municipalities to develop tools and resources on topics ranging from on-line payments, electronic voting, website development, on-line surveys, recreation registration and payment to e-councils. Many municipalities have taken advantage of these resources, realizing benefits such as a more engaged and satisfied citizenry, cost-savings, and greater efficiencies.

As municipal governments continue to deliver more services online, they are realizing additional benefits such as:

  • the efficiencies and improved client satisfaction of integrated services, i.e. a single portal that is customer-centric
  • opportunities for branding a municipality as a model user by delivering online services that are user-friendly
  • a competitive advantage for attracting trade and investment by providing efficient online business services and data
  • an enhanced reputation for good government through a demonstrated concern for and action on service delivery improvements, customer choice, and convenience
  • more time for to focus on priorities, such as improving the quality of life in Nova Scotia's municipalities

What does e-government mean to Nova Scotians?

  • More accessible service at times (weekends and evenings) and places convenient to them
  • More responsive service that anticipates their needs, connects them to the right people, and meets their needs quickly
  • More efficient service that saves them time and is user-friendly
  • More accountable, transparent government
  • More environmentally-conscious government - less paper
  • More shared communication (two-way) and sharing of information

What can municipalities do?

  • Make sure the services are streamlined and efficient off-line before bringing them online.
  • Use a holistic approach that takes into account the cultural aspects of the organization, and analyses, assesses and redesigns business processes and technology where warranted.
  • Join the Municipal/Provincial e-Government Committee, whose goal is to collaborate and share discussions and insights on implementing e-Government and electronic services within the municipal sector.
  • Take advantage of the resources below to initiate or enhance their e-government services, efficiently and cost-effectively.

e-Government Resources